Why do British politicians hate muesli?

muesli farron

‘Muesli-eating Guardian readers’ – this is how the leader of Liberal Democrats Tim Farron called a certain group of people among British publics. Middle class? Urbanites? Is eating muesli a new social stigma that we all missed learning about?

Put down this spoon and stop pouring milk over your oats and raisins. Let’s investigate.

During the televised debates on BBC last night, Tim Farron, the Lib Dem leader, claimed that climate change was important for all, not only for “hair-shirt, muesli-eating Guardian readers”. He said:

Harsh, Tim! Stuffed with muesli?

The Guardian suggested it was a rather weird attack on Tim’s very own electorate. However, maybe the low scale politician wanted to create an Internet meme that would gain him more followers?
Let me quickly explain what muesli is.

Muesli is a mix of oats with nuts and raisins that were invented in Switzerland in the 1890s. Initially, the oats were soaked in condensed milk, lemon juice and covered with grated apple. Hello, calorie volcano. Although muesli did first see the sun in the kitchen of a clinic in Switzerland, nowadays it is a rather commonplace morning food for the urban citizens who are always on a rush.

bircher apple muesli
Source of muesli image: The Guardian

Granola, on the other hand, is one bug bunch of illusion and indulgence. Imagine muesli violently covered in sugar and/or baked in oil and honey. Here they go, your pumped up, botox-lips, fake-boobs, photoshopped-not-for-good-muesli that are as high in nutrition value as a piece of birthday cake.

Source: Bacon Today

So, Tim Farron, why don’t you attack the bespoke-suit wearing, granola-eating followers of the Tory? Or the sleeves-rolled porridge-eating lads in support of the Labour? Or, wait, why don’t you stop attacking people and food and focus on proposing something good for us all? Bon appetite and bon chance.



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