Is paying service charge bonkers?

Mr Bean feels utterly annoyed by the mysterious service charges. Image: Johan Farid Khairuddin,

You have just finished a nice meal in a restaurant, you feel tipsy and joyous, but …there comes the beast – your bill. Hang on a second, why is 12.5% always added to your check? If your eyesight still works decently after these three glasses of Merlot, you may notice “discretionary” next to the word “charge”. Yet, if the service charge is indeed discretionary (=optional), why is it added to the bill by default? Continue reading “Is paying service charge bonkers?”


Doppelgängers: Coca-Cola vs Cappuccino


Has it ever occurred to you how much alike these two look? When you pour your Coke straight from the fridge in your glass, the lovely foam appears. 1cm of the perfect mountain top/cloudy bubbles/beaten whites. Is it a coffee or a Coke? Continue reading “Doppelgängers: Coca-Cola vs Cappuccino”

Why do British politicians hate muesli?

muesli farron

‘Muesli-eating Guardian readers’ – this is how the leader of Liberal Democrats Tim Farron called a certain group of people among British publics. Middle class? Urbanites? Is eating muesli a new social stigma that we all missed learning about?

Put down this spoon and stop pouring milk over your oats and raisins. Let’s investigate.

Continue reading “Why do British politicians hate muesli?”