Why Food Browsing Gives Me Comfort

A lovely man in the off-licence gave me a quick look: ‘May I bend it to fit in a bag?’ Taking my surprised mumbling as an answer, he started rolling the freshly baked baguette in an indefinite snail. IKEA-style packaging. Folded bike on the tube. I screamed ‘No!’ and realised how ridiculous my baguette-preserving attitude may look in public (The Vice-President of the Baguette Society – I thought for a second – is this title already taken?). But who cares. For a person who can spend an hour and a half wondering around London in the search for a collar-crispy on the outside, pillow-soft on the inside, golden-tanned baguette, attitude is a must.

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Why we don’t talk enough about binge eating? Anorexia coverage is not enough

I am a boiling kettle and here I am. Letting off steam.

My close friend has been suffering with secret binge eating disorder for 14 years – which is pretty much the half of her lifetime on this planet. Why? A highly performing, lovely, caring ‘good girl’ can only scream into the darkness when being alone with food. The scariest thoughts about crimes, threats, low self-esteem, constant anxiety of ‘not fitting in’. All these electrifyingly strong emotions make her stuff herself with food. Result? She does not often fit in the clothes she likes. She goes on exhausting diets. She hates herself.

Why binge eating is not in the spotlight as much as anorexia is? We have recently had the film with Lilly Collins – To The Bone, which was supposed to explore the truth of eating disorders. What have we gained? Understanding that anorexia can bring the main actor to the cover of Shape. Can binge eating do the same to your body and mind? Hell no. Continue reading “Why we don’t talk enough about binge eating? Anorexia coverage is not enough”

3 problems I have with That Sugar film


I may be late to the party (I know the movie was released in 2014), yet there are still things about it that urge me to type this. Is there something that feels wrong about this film for you, too?

Quick summary

  1. That Sugar film is a documentary of the Australian director-actor Damon Gameau who decided to go on a high-sugar diet for 60 days. He was not eating Victoria Sponges and Snickers, but the products labelled as ‘healthy’ – cereal bars, ready-made smoothies, sugar-ladden sauces etc.
  2. As a result, he gained quite some weight, experienced fatigue and mood swings. As soon as he got back to ‘normal’, his body steadily recovered.

Sounds cool, eh? One man’s crusade against granola. We salute you?


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What do you DO when you look fashionable? The puzzle I never resolved

@Edgar Artis. From here: http://www.ufunk.net/en/insolite/food-fashion/

So here you are, fully dressed: the fab new Vetemenets trainers, a Gucci bag, a bulky Uniqlo dress, and vintage Mary Quant-style earrings. You have ticked the boxes, you have received the ‘First’ in your fashion exam. But what are you supposed to DO when you finally dress yourself fabulously?

Fashion magazines and blogs give you a Polaroid of life. The momentum captured for eternity in a fancy photograph. We are supposed to crave stylish looks, expensive brands, edgy make up. But once we achieve all that, how to behave, to act to feel very happy and satisfied?

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Deliciously Evil

What a marvellous revelation – after having browsed Deliciously Ella’s Instagram for 15 minutes, I feel totally insecure about my choice of butter (peanut, cashew, quinoa-infused lavender virgin seeds?), eating habits in general and the avoidance of dungaree in the past. If Ella says so, all of the things that appear in her blog should be 100% organically awesome. As the modern king Midas whose touch turns everything into kale, Ella knows her unapologetic promotional skills.

Source of image
Source of image
Kale Kale Kale! I thank you for the music…

But not until I discover the blog of the purely delightful Deliciously Stella that I feel alive¬†again. A parody account that satirically overturns all the sound and¬†fury of Ella’s elf-esque assertions, it is genuine and makes you laugh into stitches. This is the video each of us, little insecure urbanites, should watch every now and then to shake off the doubts about the food we put into our mouth.

At the end of the day, the old school approach to food (eat normally) takes one of the anxieties away. One anxiety at a time, okay? Thank you, Stella.