Why Food Browsing Gives Me Comfort

A lovely man in the off-licence gave me a quick look: ‘May I bend it to fit in a bag?’ Taking my surprised mumbling as an answer, he started rolling the freshly baked baguette in an indefinite snail. IKEA-style packaging. Folded bike on the tube. I screamed ‘No!’ and realised how ridiculous my baguette-preserving attitude may look in public (The Vice-President of the Baguette Society – I thought for a second – is this title already taken?). But who cares. For a person who can spend an hour and a half wondering around London in the search for a collar-crispy on the outside, pillow-soft on the inside, golden-tanned baguette, attitude is a must.

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What do you DO when you look fashionable? The puzzle I never resolved

@Edgar Artis. From here: http://www.ufunk.net/en/insolite/food-fashion/

So here you are, fully dressed: the fab new Vetemenets trainers, a Gucci bag, a bulky Uniqlo dress, and vintage Mary Quant-style earrings. You have ticked the boxes, you have received the ‘First’ in your fashion exam. But what are you supposed to DO when you finally dress yourself fabulously?

Fashion magazines and blogs give you a Polaroid of life. The momentum captured for eternity in a fancy photograph. We are supposed to crave stylish looks, expensive brands, edgy make up. But once we achieve all that, how to behave, to act to feel very happy and satisfied?

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